3 Card Reading

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  • 15 minutes
  • 15 British pounds
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Service Description

This offering is designed to give you powerful, focused advice on a specific topic. The reading will look into the core of the issue, highlight any blockages you are facing in this area, and offer advice on how to move forward. I always put strong emphasis on the advice from the cards, and will include exercises for you to do to help implement this advice. I believe a tarot reading can highlight truths in our lives, and show us what the path we're on looks like, but it cannot do the transformational work needed for us to get us where we want to be. That is our responsibility. If you think you are ready to step up, take responsibility for your own happiness, and shine your light, you're in the right place. Upon booking the reading, please send me some information on what you would like the reading to focus on. I don't necessarily need every detail behind the reading, but a little information helps to frame the messages from the cards. Please note I do not offer refunds on readings once they are booked. All my readings are delivered as video or text via email within 5 working days of purchase. Please state which format you would like when you book. You have the opportunity to email me with any questions about your reading up to 3 days after delivery, and I will endeavor to respond within 48 hours. I don't limit myself to a certain time frame when I'm doing readings. I want the messages to come to you as they need to, and don't want to stifle them by implementing a 15 minute rule for example. I will ensure however that the reading is packed full of useful information if it seems to be a short sharp message. Please note the date and time you choose on the booking form is not indicative of the date and time you will receive your reading. All my readings are delivered within 5 working days of the booking date.

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