"Bronia really opened up the realm of possibilities for me with the sessions we had. We were able to take the "heat" out of a really painful memory I had been carrying around for years. I was able to process and transform a lot of negative conditioning I was carrying around about myself and being visible online in my business. I felt so thoroughly listened to and supported in all of the sessions and with the extensive aftercare follow up emails I received. Even though the sessions were online, I really felt like I was in the same room as Bronia as her energy is so calming and welcoming. Her insights and advice were so spot on and everything she said resonated with me. She really opened up my eyes to the wonderful possibilities of life that are all around me. My sessions with Bronia were truly life changing and I am forever grateful that we have crossed paths. Many thanks again for guiding me back into the light and for sharing such valuable insights and tools with me" - JM

"Bronia has given me several readings, she always provides a clear, and concise reading which always give me the clarity I need. She is incredibly calm and made me feel at ease, as I was new to the tarot world! After each reading, I came out seeing things in a new light, and felt I could tackle the world with a new vigor.  Often I’d struggle to articulate what I wanted to get out of each reading, so Bronia would take the time to talk through my point of view and set out questions for the reading. I really appreciated her patience and kindness throughout, and will definitely be asking her for many more readings in the future" - KT

“I booked my course in EFT tapping with the wish to release limiting beliefs concerning self-esteem. I had previously worked with other energy healing techniques that had helped to some degree, but EFT coaching was new to me. After the course I felt much lighter and equipped to continue working with EFT tapping on my own. I would do the course again as Bronia helped me to focus on the issue at hand in a flexible and loving way. I felt guided and supported throughout the entire course. Bronia's kind presence facilitated me opening up to my blockages and working my way forward” - MK