After suffering with OCD and social anxiety for 20 years, I had no confidence, no aspirations, and no sense of who I really was. I had learned to keep myself small to stay safe and stifled my intuition behind fear and negative thinking. No matter how many paragraphs I read on coaching or tarot reader's websites about what they would do for me if I enrolled on their course or bought a reading, I just couldn't believe it would work for me. Who was I to have success and live a happy life? That was for other people, not for me. I wasn't allowed to speak up or believe in myself because that was "too dangerous" to my overstretched nervous system and overactive fight or flight brain.

With the support of my partner Jon and a dedicated, caring therapist, I found the strength to fight my OCD head on and finally break it's hold on me. I emerged from that dark cave as a blank slate; OCD had taken so much from me, including my spiritual practice and sense of identity. So, I picked up my old witchy books and tarot decks and began to dive in to the familiar and comforting world of magic, incense and ritual.

Through my work with tarot, shadow work and powerful ritual I found myself again and started to embrace the dreams I didn't even know I had! I became a certified EFT Tapping practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach. Everything I had been through with my OCD, everything I'd learned in my Coaching and Tapping courses, my knowledge of magic, tarot and ritual all came together in the cauldron of my soul to create the offerings you see on my website.

Through these offerings, I've helped people to be able to be visible in their business, to speak their truth and stop allowing past pain to block them from success. I've helped people to uncover what path they truly want to walk in life, and I've helped people connect to gratitude while struggling with their mental health. 

This world we live in can be a dark and difficult place, and the systems we live in are set up to make it that way. But there is beauty, there is love, and there can be freedom. I want to uplift other beautiful souls to live their truest, happiest most purposeful lives, full of love and hope. Because we are all worthy of living our lives free from emotional pain and blockages, and living in alignment with our dreams in joy. If you can relate to anything you've read here, I see you and I love you. Even if I don't know you, even if you don't choose to work with me, I love you and wish you love, health and happiness.

So much love


P.s. I'm currently off on a travelling adventure chasing a big dream which means that my Coaching and EFT Tapping offering won't be available for a while, but you can still get Tarot and Oracle readings from me 🧡